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Air & Water Treatment Profile

Polluted ventilation systems are directly related to Sick Building Syndrome. Building-related illness costs the employer indirectly through low productivity and absence due to illness.

The World Health Organisation’s research show that a third of public buildings, factories and offices in the world have indoor air problems. Building owners failing to risk-assess and implement a hygiene and cleaning regime can be prosecuted.

Open cooling systems and water holding tanks proliferate hazardous micro-organisms. The Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) places the responsibility on employers for water hygiene, which is enforced by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Inspectors.

Legionella is most likely to multiply in calorifiers where water temperatures are insufficiently high in pipework leading to taps and showers (HS(G)70) BS 6700 & L8.

Dynamic and systematic pipework cleaning and water treatment improves efficiency and reduces running costs.

Sutton can carry out audits on your Building’s “Health” by sampling the Air Quality and Water Quality, with an independent analytical report. Any failings detected would generate a proposal to remedy the fault.

Quality buildings must ensure that the internal environment is maintained at demonstrated quality levels, to satisfy your occupants and BREEAM Inspections.

Quality buildings are assessed against BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), the world’s most widely-used Environmental Assessment method for Buildings. Sutton can assist you in measuring the performance of your building and achieving accreditation in your building’s Environmental performance.

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