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Ventilation Hygiene

The condition of ventilation systems has tended to be neglected rather than developed with a cleaning regime of firm guidelines in mind to systematically inspect, maintain and clean them.

As the layout and position of the components within a ventilation system are normally unique, a cleaning method and cleaning access needs to be developed for each system. This has to include air movers, safety and control devices, guide vanes and terminals. A comprehensive cleaning programme is developed into quarterly and annual activities in addressing the specification for ventilation hygiene as part of the overall Building Management Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme.

The Sutton methods of plant and ductwork cleaning have been developed to enable efficient and inexpensive inspection, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems.

A proper cleaning regime achieves enhanced performance of plant, reduced absence due to illness and, with the general well-being of your staff, improved productivity.

The inspection, cleaning and disinfection of Fan Coil Units (FCU’s) should be performed at least twice per year, ideally quarterly, before the winter season and again before the summer season (BS EN 1578 & HVCA TR19) Regular maintenance should be carried out on the motor, filter and coil with annual performance checks on controls, control valves, pipework strainers & condensate pump. – Sutcom can prepare an asset specific cleaning and performance regime to suit your planned preventative maintenance programme.

The Sutton cleaning activities are also supported by an in-duct video demonstration, which offers a “before and after” recording.

The cleaning of supply and extract diffusers normally involves them being removed from the ductwork. Re-balancing of the systems after cleaning is carried out by Sutton Services and a full Performance Report is issued on completion.

We are at your service to discuss cost-effective solutions to your air quality and ventilation systems cleaning requirements.

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